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 A statewide, peer-run initiative for young people in Connecticut. 

Our Mission


We share our experiences to influence change at the local, regional, and state levels.


We connect with our peers and community partners to reduce discrimination against young people.


We cultivate the belief that recovery is possible and we all have the capacity to achieve success. 

What Is Recovery?


Recovery is rising above circumstance and living a life of self-defined purpose.  Recovery is a process that is achieved through focused determination.

When recovery is achieved, it is recognized within the person as a shift from the inability to overcome challenges into a manageable state of self-awareness where growth is attainable.

You may think of recovery differently. You may reject the language or concept entirely. That's great- we welcome the dialogue to gain a shared understanding of what it means to move through personally devastating circumstances. 

"Sharing our experience to influence change so every young person has the opportunity to achieve recovery across the state of Connecticut."

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